Skincare Services

Signature Facial

Time: 60 min.    Price: $70.00 

Experienced a personalized and customized treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed & renewed. Services include the essential steps of a facial to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, treat and protect. 


Clarifying Facial 

Time: 60 min.    Price: $85.00

Let us help you clear your complexion with reducing congestion & breakouts. Our signature facial plus a customized exfoliation (enzyme or chemical peel of applicable) with appropriate module of disinfection. Enjoy a soothing mask to help irritation, minimize redness, & reduce retention of oils. The results is smoother, clearer skin. 


Get Your Glow Facial

Time: 70 min.    Price: $90.00
Diamond microderm abrasion and red LED light included, massage. 


Anti-Aging Facial 

Time: 75 min.     Price: $95.00

Specialty firming peptide mask and red LED with light included, with massage.


Gentleman's Facial 

Time: 60 min.      Price: $75.00

Experience our signature facial, with a focus on your individual concerns & skincare goals. 


Teen Facial

Time: 60 min.       Price: $60.00

Customized experience using products to suit the skin and address any skincare concerns. Finished with a customized recommendations for at-home care. 


Back Treatment

Time: 60 min.      Price: 80.00

Whether you are treating your back to clarify the skin or just want to try something new, our back treatment will leave you feeling relaxed with a deep-clean feel. Customized to your skin's needs includes all of the essential steps of a facial.


Under Arm Treatment 

Time: 30 min.      Price $45.00

Tackle irrigation, ingrown hairs & discoloration, leaving the delicate under arm area soothed, softened & less inflamed. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extracting and a mask to detox and calm the skin. Results are soft, smooth & ready to rack  tank top! 



Paraffin Hand Treatment 

Time:30 min.             Price $40.00

Your hands show signs of aging so be sure to treat them too! Enjoy a massage with a custom exfoliation/scrub, followed by a paraffin and moisturizing hand lotion to protect and soften. 


LED Light Therapy 

Time: 30 min            Price $65.00      

Additional sessions ask for more details and prices 


Enzyme Peel

Time: 30 min.          Price $65.00 

Additional sessions ask for more details and prices 


Chemical Peel

Time: 30 min.          Price $65.00 

Additional sessions ask for more details and prices 


Lift it! With Microcurrent 

Time: 30 min.       Price $70.000

Additional sessions ask for more details and prices 

Brow/Lash Treatments 

Brow tint                                               $25.00
Brow Tint & Shape (wax/tweeze)      $35.00
Brow Lamination                                 $75.00
Brow Tint & Lamination                     $90.00
Brow Henna                                         $50.00
Lash Tint                                               $20.00
Lash Lift & Tint                                     $80.00



Eyebrows                                              $15.00
Lip                                                          $10.00
Chin                                                       $10.00
Brow & Lip                                            $20.00
Brow, Lip &. Chin                                 $30.00
Lip & Chin                                             $20.00
Under Arms                                          $25.00
Forearms                                              Starting at $30.00
Full Arms.                                             Starting at $45.00
Bikini                                                     Starting at $45.00
Upper Legs                                          Starting at $30.00
Lower Legs                                          Starting at $45.00
Full Leg                                                 Starting at $65.00
Full Leg w/bikini                                  Starting at $90.00
Stomach                                              Starting at $30.00
Half Back or Chest                             Starting at $55.00
Full Back                                              Starting at $55.00 
Miscellaneous Patches                     $10/patch


Add Ons 

Diamond Abrasion                                          $20.00
LED Light.                                                          $10.00
Diamond Microderm Abrasion                      $15.00
Jelly Mask                                                           $15.00
Lip Treatment                                                   $5.00
Paraffin Hand Treatment                               $15.00